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KUWT Print Sale, Series 1: Beverly by KUWTComicsInc KUWT Print Sale, Series 1: Beverly by KUWTComicsInc
Done intentionally to have something of a romantic, indie-movie sort of feel. Inspirations include something like The Time-Traveler's Wife, or those Western romance novels you see somewhere in the library.

I have, I think, three orders so far for this first set. I will be including Milon and LeBrand as the final too, but before that, I really need to work on the next KUWT Issue 9 page. I apologize gravely for the delays on my end... life's been major suckage.

=-=-=-= SERIES ONE: BEVERLY =-=-=-=

$1.50 for Print
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Artwork, Character, "KUWT" Series by Aaron Mocksing
Flash MX Pro 2004 / Computer Mouse


The Junebeds remain one of the richest families in the animal world, the fifth out of a large chain of particularly well-endowed creatures: the snakes of Kalcorn, the Handlesun bears, the large bunnies of P'Ontelle. No other rodents match the Junebeds in successful wealth and business. Beverly, the daughter of Charleston Junebed and his first wife, feels it is her eventual duty to carry on the success of the family and that is a job she does well. Insightful, quaint, and imaginative-- all traits she's been given but one more notoriously known... 'listless'. Of all the opportunities she wishes to persue on her own merit and time worth doing, she cannot decide, and time is slowly slipping away from her journey.

Stuck in a world of limbo, she turns predominantly to a world of reading and literature, dreaming about in the world of Jane Austen but also other animal Victorian novelists of her period. Among a particular favorite, 'The Kindred Spirits', a recently released novel she has yet to finish, which has reached a very successful peak amongst anyone who bought it. A tale of love, opportunity, the trials and triumphs for those who cannot see through the fogs of fear.

An inspiring tale indeed....


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calicokatt Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice as per usual! It's cool to see the Bev pic in this! I love the water! I really love water scenes, I have a bit of a thing for nature :) Great stuff darlin!
KUWTComicsInc Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! <3

The way the color gradients came together, it was a lot easier to make the water flow from white to blue as the horizon pulls back apart. :3 I thought I could make the ripples one at a time using the same tools, but I wound up doing them separate which made a much better effect. x3

I've been getting into downloading nature wallpapers too! :3 They're so beautiful, isn't it?
roamingtigress Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Really, really sweet. I love the emotion here.
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January 17, 2013
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